Here are a few facts about Israel, which you may not have not heard in the news:
Israel is, without a doubt, an ideal location to film commercials. This tiny country offers an incredible range of diverse sites, only a few of which are shown here.

  • Israel’s climate is reliable and pleasant virtually all year round.
  • The country can provide the most advanced camera, lighting, and grip equipment.
  • Its professional crews are highly experienced in top quality international productions.
  • The population (European, Eastern European, African, and Middle Eastern), providing for a diverse cast.

And no less important, Israel is where you’ll find us. We will gladly take care of all your filming needs, provide you top-quality production services, and find a solution for every creative fantasy.

  • Desert
  • The Dead Sea
  • Beaches
  • Modern Cities
  • Jerusalem
  • Old Cities
  • Nature